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SKA Membership Meeting - March 11th, 2019

Our March meeting will focus on the proposed Chapman Highway multi-use Path Project.  We will have speakers from both the City of Knoxville and TDOT.   Our goal for the evening is to bring clarity to the information surrounding this proposed project.  A brief outline of the project is below.

Chapman Highway Multi-use Path Project Description:

This project creates a safe and comfortable connection for people walking and riding bicycles to traverse the section of Chapman Highway (S.R.71) between Stone Road and Woodlawn Pike. It directly connects the adjacent neighborhood and apartment building at Stone Road to the existing sidewalk network, provides a bicycle connection between bicycle friendly roads, improves multiple bus stops and creates pedestrian crossings at three intersections.

Specifically, this project will install a multi-use path (3200’) along the west side of Chapman Highway, from Stone Road to Woodlawn Pike. At this intersection, a sidewalk will continue north (525’) to connect to the existing sidewalk network. Bicycle traffic will cross this signalized intersection and continue on Woodlawn Pike to their destinations. The intersection of Chapman Highway and Stone Road, Fronda Lane and Woodlawn Pike will all be upgraded with pedestrian signals and crosswalks-a total of seven new crossings. In addition, on the east side of the roadway, we will install a few short sections of sidewalks connecting to destinations such as the library and adjacent bus stops. The four bus stops in the corridor will be improved to provide a safe and desirable place to wait for the bus.

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