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October 09, 2014

Tea & Treasures 2nd Saturday Marketplace

The marketplace will have a variety of vendors which could include: 

*arts & crafts
*vintage jewelry
*non-profit organizations

and others promoting their small business
We never know who or what to expect!!!

Several new vendors will be participating again this month, as well as many of our regulars!!!

Music will be provided by "Solo Sam" Laugherty, 
followed by some delightful old timer pickers!


Come join the fun!

10/09/2014, 07:54 AM


October 07, 2014

Bring Three Rivers Market to South Knoxville!

The South Knoxville Neighborhood and Business Coalition has created a petition in order to demonstrate support for a Three Rivers Market in South Knoxville! 

Three Rivers Market

According to their board of directors, Three Rivers Market is a cooperative center of sustainable commerce, exists to benefit its members by creating and nourishing a healthier environment, healthier people, and a healthier community. The co-op currently has a location at 1100 N. Central Street in North Knoxville. 

For more information, read the petition below. 

Petition from South Knoxville to 3 Rivers Market:

We, the undersigned, would like to express our enthusiastic support of a South Knoxville location of Three Rivers Market. We believe our community would be an excellent fit for Three Rivers Market and that a South Knox location would be mutually beneficial both economically and culturally.

South Knoxville is on the threshold of major growth. The Urban Wilderness and the “Dirty South” bike trails attract visitors from all over the city, state and country. Real estate prices have risen and several new housing complexes are planned as part of the South Riverfront Development. Before the close of the Henley Street Bridge, Chapman Highway had two grocery stores that served our area: Kroger, and Food City. The bridge has reopened, with South Knoxville getting more attention than ever, but now there is only one grocery store, Kroger. There is an abundant amount of commercial space available on Chapman that is slowly being repopulated since the bridge has reopened. This is the ideal time for a community-oriented group to establish itself in a prime location.

Culturally, South Knoxville is in sync with Three Rivers Market’s goal to “create and nourish a healthier environment, healthier people, and a healthier community.” The unique setting and outdoor features in South Knoxville make a healthy environment a prime concern. Ijam’s Nature Center has long been a cornerstone of outdoor activity for all of Knoxville and now increased use of Mead’s Quarry and Fort Dickerson as recreation areas has built on that legacy. The extensive mountain bike trail system and constellation of parks also make South Knoxville an outdoor destination where a healthy environment is central.

All types of people live, work, and play in South Knoxville. There is a strong sense of community that brings together this diverse population. The neighborhood organizations in South Knoxville are some of the most active in the city and they regularly work together with a coalition of locally-owned South Knoxville businesses. This climate of organized support meshes well with Three Rivers Market’s commitment to being an integrated part of the community. The framework to communicate with the community and give/receive support is already established and active.

Click here to sign online
or stop by one of the following locations so sign the petition:

Tea & Treasures
Happy Yap Doggie Day Camp
Foothills Physical Therapy
Disc Exchange

Visit Three Rivers Market online at

NOTE: if you are going to be at a location where there is a gathering of folk, please download and print a copy or two of this petition. If you collect signatures, send an email to and we'll make arrangements to pick up the signature page.

10/07/2014, 09:13 AM