About Knoxville SOUP!

The next SOUP dinner will be October 6th - Check back for location

We are now accepting project proposals and looking for an artist to feature for our next Knoxville SOUP. Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to complete our online application and have the opportunity to show their art or share their talent.

We are also looking for donations of soup (including vegetarian and vegan), salad, sandwiches AND door prizes! Please email   if you would like to contribute to this project. Donors will be recognized on our website and Facebook page.

Get inspired! Watch a 2 minute video of a SOUP dinner in progress.

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SOUP is a community dinner that is part pot luck and part planned. It is an opportunity for the community to gather, share and connect. It is an opportunity to support projects that, in some manner, benefit the community as a whole. It’s where Democracy meets Charity.

SOUP has been described as:

  • a collaborative situation
  • a public dinner
  • a platform for connection
  • a relational hub bringing together communities
  • a forum for discussion
  • an opportunity to support creative people in pursuit of the betterment of their community

How it works: We will open the doors at 6:00 pm, collecting a $5.00 donation from attendees. At 6:30, 4 preselected individuals or groups will present an idea or project they would like to carry out. Each presenter (or group) has 4 minutes to inform, impassion and inspire the audience. They then have 4 minutes to answer questions from the audience. Dinner is then served while attendees digest, discuss and deliberate over the projects presented. They then cast a ballot for the project they would like most to fund.

When the evening nears a close, the ballots are counted and the group that has the most votes takes home the money from the door to help fund their project. Democracy meets Charity…

The possibilities of what can be accomplished are limited only by what the community envisions, asks for and earns votes for. Many cities have similar projects that after becoming established, average well over $1000 per dinner in micro-grant funding.

Winners are asked to return to a subsequent dinner and share with us the success of their project. Dinners will also feature an artist each month.

Doors open at 6 p.m. with proposals presented at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner. Diners will have about an hour to eat, share and connect with others while voting for the project they like best. By about 8:15, the votes will be tallied and the winning project will be awarded all donations raised at the door. NOTE: a suggested donation of $5 will be collected at the door. All money raised at the door goes to the winning proposal.

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Thanks to our SOUP Sponsors

A huge THANKS to all our sponsors and those who contributed to help make our July 7th dinner a success. Please help us thank our supporters with YOUR support of their business!

Food Donations

  • Betsy Pickle: Tossed Salad
  • Carson Dailey: Vegetable soup and oyster crackers
  • Chef Mo’s Cafe & Catering: Chorizo Mac & Cheese, BBQ Chicken Sliders
  • It’s a R-R-Ruff life: Home made cookies
  • Twice the Ice (Chapmany Hwy): Ice
  • Janice Tocher: Cornbread (vegan & vegetarian)
  • King Tut's Grill: Greek Salad
  • Roundup Restaurant: Home-made chicken salad on rolls
  • Shoney’s of Knoxville: Beef & Cabbage Soup
  • Susan Martin: Broccoli Cheese Soup
  • The Village Bakery: Fruit Cobbler
  • Wee Care Shoppe: Vegetarian Bean Soup

Raffle Items

  • AMBC/Nick Pavlis
  • Candoro Arts & Heritage Center
  • Carson Dailey
  • Commissioner Mike Brown
  • Impromptu
  • It's a R-R-Ruff Life
  • Love that BBQ
  • Lowe's of South Knoxville
  • Marble City Glass
  • Not Too Shabby
  • Stanley's Greenhouse
  • Tea & Treasures and Bobbye Edwards
  • The Renaissance Dragonfly
  • The Village Bakery
  • Trailhead Brewery
  • Wee Care Shoppe